Back in 2009 my friend, Tevita Kunato, and I purchased the plans for the Waka Ama outrigger canoe from Duckwork’s Builders Supply located in Harper, Texas. It is a Selway-Fisher design. According to the website: “This is an outrigger canoe of classic Hawaiian design. Classes of these craft are very popular, especially in places like New Zealand where they are raced in various lengths—this example being one of the shortest. They are noted for their stability and carrying capacity in use both off shore and inland and are sometimes seen carrying a simple sail—a very versatile craft—the main hull can be built in 2 halves. Construction is simple stitch and tape and the beams are tied to the hulls”.

The plans are easy to read and understand. I haven’t built this design yet, but I am studying the techniques and general design to incorporate into my first canoe.