OK! I finished my opelu style outrigger canoe!

It took 3 months from making the first model to putting the wa’a in the water. Pretty good time, I think!

Length: 15 ft. 8 inches. Depth: 22 inches. Beam (at gunwhales): 19.5 inches. Weight (bare hull): 115 lbs.

Here are a few pictures:Hawaiian Wa'a: stitch and glue construction.

On the left: all the planks are cut from 1/4″ marine plywood. Center: the outrigger canoe is stitched together with plastic zip ties; these will be cut off outside but glassed over on the inside. On the right: inside the canoe I have glued the planks together and the fiberglass cloth is ‘clothes pinned’ to the sides and ready to be applied.

On the top picture I have glassed the wa’a both inside and out and installed the seats; on the outside of the canoe I applied black wood stain before glassing. The bottom picture shows the forward and aft decks, manu, and wae’s installed. And the ‘ama is shaped and ready to be glassed.

First Outrigger Canoe

Finished Opelu Outrigger Canoe at Anini Beach, Kauai, Hawaii – Oct 3, 2013.