Bali Hai Villas resort in Princeville, Kauai needs a Hawaiian style outrigger canoe for their lobby. Kule’a Canoes to the rescue!
I’m trying something different here: custom cutting each plank to bend/curve along the lines of the canoe – 12 strip/planks all together. Stitch and glue with copper wire and then remove the wires. As usual – epoxy glue and fiberglass.

I’m stepping away from the Origami Canoe design, these are individual planks that reach from the bow to the stern – no need to bend the center section into the form. I have more control over the shape of the hull with this design.

I’ve re-worked the strongback/frame for this outrigger canoe design. Here I’ve laid up the first 8 “planks”. The canoe is 16 ft.

I glued together a set of mahogany blocks and shaped the manu from it. This is the smoothest and most ‘flowing’ manu I’ve ever built!

Here’s the manu installed on the outrigger canoe. This is a feature, on the bow and the stern, of all traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoes.

‘Ama from from Hawaiian Hau wood. Two years ago I found this driftwood on the beach, brought it home, and stuck it in the rafters of my garage. Finally I get to use it!

The first ‘sea trial’… not quite finished yet but I wanted to feel how it all fits together. Even though this is going into a hotel lobby I have to put it in the ocean at least once!